Civilian Med Blog

The Intent of this blog is to educate our community in medical tactics, techniques and procedures that we learned in the Special Operations Medic community.  We feel that the premiere training and education we received needs to be shared to the public to strengthen our community and to save lives.

This Blog is specifically for civilians who want to learn more about tactical medicine and general first aid.  We intend to keep the posts to between 500-1000 words key take aways up front.  When possible, we will provide images and videos to accurately and effectively drive home crucial points.  

The more you know the better prepared you will be if you find yourself in an emergency situation.  Practice, Practice, Practice.  This is the only way to hone this knowledge.  Strengthen yourself, family and community by taking a few minutes a day to learn and get better.


We will be releasing blog posts on this page weekly.  Please stay tuned and look for new links on this page.

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