Our Goal

As former Special Forces Medics, we often found ourselves without the equipment we needed.  Often the unit either wouldn't or couldn't fund all of the medical equipment we needed.  Today, unfortunately many companies have taken advantage of consumers including military, law enforcement and civilians by offering products at inflated costs with additional bells and whistles you don't need.  

The soldier on the battlefield wants the right medical equipment.  The police officer supporting their community wants to be able to treat themselves and civilians without having to run back to their vehicle for a medical kit.  And the civilian wants to be prepared for any event and know that the medical equipment they purchased will be effective and affordable.  

It is our goal to provide you with those things, but at a cost that you can afford and based off our training and experience with only what you need.

  • Patches

    We offer a wide variety of laser cut patches serve a multitude of purposes. These include identifying medical equipment, blood type, small unit tactics leadership positions and just cool morale patches. Check out all of the options!

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  • Military Coasters

    Check out all of our custom laser engraved Military Coasters. If you can't find your unit, MOS or branch here, send us a message and we will make a custom coaster just for you!

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  • Flasks

    Check out our growing list of laser engraved flasks. If you can't find a flask you want here, shoot us a message and we will make one custom for you!

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