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Scif Medical

SCIF Medical Go Bag – Small

SCIF Medical Go Bag – Small

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Laser Engraved Blood Type on IFAK

Every survival bag needs to have a medical kit. Being able to treat trauma is paramount in an emergency situation.  Here at SCIF Medical we believe in getting you the best quality material for an affordable price.  Tailor your SCIF Medical Go Bag to have the supplies you need when all goes wrong. Below is a list of recommended supplies developed based on our experiences as SOF medics. You can additionally refer to our blog for further ideas.

At SCIF Medical we believe expensive kit does not out preform high quality education and training. Instead of buying overpriced alternatives, buy SCIF and spend the savings on what you actually need.

For this piece of equipment here is a list of some items that we recommend:

Tourniquet x 2

4-inch Ace Bandage and 6-inch Ace Bandage x 1

Gauze x 1

Quickclot x 1

Chest Seals x 2 

Mini Medical Stapler

Scissors x 1

Nasopharyngeal Airway

Band-Aids x 10

A small supply of preferred medications 


Durable, to withstand years of abuse


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