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(SC)IFAK SOF Dangler - IFAK/First aid kit/Med Kit/Tactical Medical Kit

(SC)IFAK SOF Dangler - IFAK/First aid kit/Med Kit/Tactical Medical Kit

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This is the type of IFAK that we always wanted for ourselves and our teammates. We understand in today’s environment, the modern-day warfighter is often engaged in close quarters fighting. This is why keeping a clean kit is important. The (SC)IFAK SOF Dangler provides an IFAK that will fit everything you need – without the bulk.

The SOF Dangler can be positioned on the back of your body armor and will fill the space between the base of your plate carrier and your beltline – a space typically unused. Save the high value space on your kit for what’s most important – extra magazines. Every good medic agrees the best medicine is fire superiority.


Durable, to withstand years of abuse


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